International New Age Trade Show

We returned from the International New Age Trade Show in Denver the end of June and we have been working ever since to get the orders placed there off to our new retailers  – thirty six in all  nationwide! We had quite a response and while it has tested our metal,  we are excited and happy to be had such a success. Out of 156 vendors we were chosen Best of Show by Retailing Insight Magazine and will be featured in their October Gift Issue.

While we were at the show I had been invited to the Aura Imaging Booth to do some aura readings of my products. This is quite an amazing reading of your energetic projection. According to their report “WinAuraStar measures your personal biofeedback data with handplates of an AuraCamera Coggins 6000 or with the WinAuraStar AuraSensor-Box. The data is analyzed and processed so that information about your personal aura can be displayed in graphic and text. The aura shows certain colors in different areas. All colors and areas have a certain meaning and reflect emotional and mental characteristics about your person. You can see personal potentials,character types, but also problems and disturbances.”

I asked  Dennis if I could bring an essential oil  from Europe that had been altered through the standardization process. This Lavender oil  was given to me by my certifying mentors Barbara and Tom Lucks  to try out. As with all my oils before I work with them, I do a trans dermal and a scent test. When I tried this oil,  I could tell immediately that something was off – it did not produce either a physiological and psychological response. When I talked to Barbara about it she called it  a Frankenstein oil – or an as she puts it an essential oil with no soul.

This requires some explanation: The European Union has decided to “standardize” their oils. When the plant is harvested from the ground and distilled,  the components that make up the oil can vary from year to year. They are dependent on the quality of the soil; how much sun and rain the plant gets; how they are cared for in the field etc. this is called terroir.  It stands to reason that some years produce outstanding results and some not so good ( – think of it in fine wine terms). But instead of letting the essential oil be what it is  – chemists will then either chemically highlight the components that are deficient or use other organic components to bring it up to the “standard”. In my aromatherapy practice,  I have found that oils that are altered do not have the therapeutic properties that make them so unique. It is a point of concern to  me that the political “standardization” of essential oils will impact our European Artisan Distillers and thus the amazing oils they produce.

So I thought it would be interesting to energy test this at the show. Dennis also agreed to allow me to do a test of my Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist to do a comparison.

We first did a base line of my aura, then tested  the Frankenstein oil,  and  then the Sweet Dreams Oil. The picture  below is of the base line. The green represents healing, the gold is transformation, the blue is intuition, the orange is communication. When the  Frankenstein oil  was tested all of the green healing energy went out of my aura. When the Sweet Dreams  Pillow Mist was tested the aura was gold and green once again. (This result is not surprising given the blend of oils that calm, relax and produce a reflective state of mind.)

I am sorry  I cannot provide the picture of the Frankenstein oil…  it was corrupted on the hard drive and so we lost that image when  it was sent to me…. If  you ever have a chance to have your aura recorded it is an amazingly validating experience and I hope you will try it!  Brenn