We  have just got settled back down after coming back from the International New Age Trade Show in Denver. It was a great experience for us. We signed on another 18 retail distributors and were chosen as Best of Show for the event!

Part of the fun of going to a trade show is to look at all the amazing things offered to retailers. For me I am always a little awestruck at the variety, innovation and beauty to be had!

This time I came across a booth called WholiSound Serenity Box. It is an intriguing mix of ancient process and philosophy with new research and  technology.  It  was developed by Industrial Designer and Human Factors Engineer Vincent Lasorso, Jr. . He was able to synthesize his 28 years as a Tai Chi master; the study of Chinese research that showed that body workers were actually doing their work by moving low frequency sound into the patient’s body; and Western research which was investigating the role of the Extracellular Matrix ( ECM). The WholiSound Serenity Box uses sound to help loosen and repair the body.

I first became interested in this type of healing by engaging in Tai Chi classes and Yoga classes. It was reinforced when we went to the Ayurvedic School of Medicine in Bangkok where these positions are still taught and are depicted on a medical pavilion there.

The sound waves in this system replicate the same sound waves to create a natural wellness response inside the body to these ancient practices of  movement .So. when I came across this at the show I had to spend a few minutes to see if it was the real deal.

In the booth space I was asked to sit in  a comfortable chair; take my shoes off and place them on a smooth birch box; and put headphones on. Then I chose one of  nine programs to address specific conditions. The hotel we were staying at was brand new and well appointed but the beds were like concrete and my body was feeling a bit abused… so I chose  the “Soma” audio recording. I spent 30 minutes in the booth and they went about my day at the show. After feeling pretty sore and achy for a couple of days it took me a moment to realize that the pain and stiffness was gone from my body and I was feeling much more energetic and moving much more freely!

After I got home and read through the materials I decided to purchase a unit. I have been using it now for about 3 weeks. Through this time I had been working 10 -12 hour days to get my orders ready and shipped to the new retailers so,  my body was feeling the effects of  fatigue and stiffness!. I would use Soma, Exercise OM and Breathe Freely  CD’s just before bed and I love the results that I am getting….deeper sleep, more energy, more focus, more flexibility… so I am pretty impressed with this system of healing.

 I know this sound like a commercial but when you find something that works  you want to share it with others! The website for further information is http://www.myserenitybox.com/

Thanks for your interest  and Keep Moving! Brenn