Unique Gifts Inspired by the Language of Flowers

The FluffiLuff Gift Company is an artisan manufacturer who uses the science of biochemistry and the spiritual language of botanicals to create unique gift products. Our products are carried by outstanding retailers throughout the United States. Please check out our list of retailers to purchase our products.

Spiritual and Therapeutic Gift Products that Support Mind, Body, and Spirit

Our spiritual line of gift products uses the rich history of flowers and herbs to create symbolic floral message bottles. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Botanical Blessing Bottles are a unique and thoughtful way to tell someone how much they mean to you. In addition, our therapeutic line of products uses the science of biochemistry and the ancient art of Aromatherapy to create products that use a multi-disciplinary approach to healing and wellness. These products include -comfort therapy bags, essential oil blends, mists, salves and scrubs.

The Ancient Universal Symbolism of Flowers Inspires Our Products

I started my study of flower symbolism with a Girl Scout project at 13. I had come across a book in our local library that peaked my interest. It also helped that I lived in Oregon and was surrounded by formal and informal gardens. My research project posed the question: Why do the symbolic meanings of flowers seem so aligned throughout the world? At that time, I did not find the answer. Still curious, in my adult life, I played detective when I traveled. I collected the folklore and legends of flowers by visiting botanical gardens, touring historical sites, bookstores, and libraries. At one point, I came across a reference to a Victorian Herbal Intention Bottle while doing research in library archives.This became the inspiration for my spiritual line of products. The concept was simple, in Victorian times, when fresh flowers were scarce, dried botanicals were layered in a beautiful bottle and given to relay a special sentiment to a loved one. I had an opportunity to use this knowledge and create a set of blessing bottles to acknowledge some very special friends. They encouraged me to share this knowledge with others and the FluffiLuff Gift Company was born. I am always seeking out new knowledge about plant symbolism from other sources. In 2010 I had an opportunity to take a certification class in Aromatherapy. Little did I know my original quest would be solved with the addition of the study of aromatherapy and its emphasis on bio-chemistry!

How is the Universal Language of Botanicals Supported by the Science of Biochemistry?

In my view, we are biochemically hard-wired through our sense of smell. Smell is the only sense where receptor nerve endings are in direct contact with the outside world. When we inhale these neural impulses go directly to the limbic system. The limbic system – our primitive brain -connects to all other parts of the brain. It specifically affects the thymus and hypothalamus where our endocrine system is controlled. These mechanisms evoke both an emotional and a physical response to scent. Because we are all of the human family, this biochemical reaction may be one reason why the symbolism of flowers is universal!

It is our great pleasure to present our product line for your review. We invite you to read more about our products and the histories that influenced their creation. Our products are available for purchase through our retailers and wholesale inquires are welcome.

Many Blessings! Brenn, The FluffiLuff Gift Company

“In every moment the universe is whispering to you. There are messages for you carried on the winds. There is wisdom in the morning songs of birds outside your window and the soft murmurs of an ebbing sea.” — From the Secret Language of Signs by Denise Linn

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